Monday, December 20, 2010

Children of Jericho

This past fall I celebrated 30 years of living and moving and having my being in Honduras. I set foot on Honduran soil on August 15, 1980 having no idea that thirty years later I would still be seeking His face on behalf of the Honduran people. What an adventure and privilege it has been to be a part of what Jesus is doing here. The Hondurans have become my people and I have become theirs. I still look like I belong in a different place but as long as I don't get too close to a mirror, I totally forget that I am blonde (well, more like blondish grey) and blue-eyed with speckled skin. To celebrate we kicked off our sponsorship program for our children. I am posting part of the sponsorship brochure here. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact Gail Mellish at the address provided below!

Jericho missionary Hae Young Keoun with some of Jericho’s children

Children of Jericho

Jericho’s children need a safe place to grow, to know the healing love of God, and to receive an education. Jericho
Ministries is such a place. Many of the children have known abuse of every despicable kind. At Jericho they receive a Christ-centered education and are surrounded by the love of Jesus in their home situations. They attend Sunday school and church and participate in vacation Bible school or other opportunities for Christian growth. The
children receive counseling and are prayed with for healing for their past abuse.

Sponsoring a Child

One of the greatest joys in life is watching God do what the world deems impossible . . . He brings beauty from ashes, heals the incurable, and transforms the abused and rejected. You can be part of God’s transforming work by sponsoring a Jericho child. At the present time, Jericho has legal custody of 26 children who were orphaned or whom the courts deemed would not be safe with their parent(s). The full cost of sponsoring a child is $80 per month. This provides uniforms, school supplies, school lunches and snacks, and a portion of the tuition. Jericho also welcomes half sponsorships at $40 per month. Sponsors are encouraged to send an additional monetary gift of $10–$25 for your child for his or her birthday. You may also end a special donation for Christmas or special extra-curricularsummer activities (Jericho schools are year-round to keepchildren safe). Your extra gifts will be pooled with donations from other sponsors so all children will share in the celebrations and activities. The easiest and most consistent way to pay your sponsorship is to set up a monthly direct deposit from your bank account. This assures that your child’s needs will be taken care of. If desired, checks may be written to

STEC – Jericho Ministries
PO Box 781
Appleton, WI 54912

with your child’s name on the check. All contributions to Jericho are tax deductible. Jericho is audited to assure accountability to God and to you.

We encourage you to send a small personal or family photo and a short letter of introduction to your sponsored child. You may write as often as you wish. Your letters will be translated and delivered to your child. You can keep informed about the goings on of all Jericho Ministries through the Jericho newsletter. Sign up at the above address.

Blessings to all, especially those who helped celebrate the 30 year journey!