Sunday, April 20, 2008

We need a miracle!

Dear Blessed Family and Friends,

I wanted to thank you so much for praying for me and Jericho during this time of difficulty. I got news of the biopsy results and I wanted to share what the doctors had to say with you all. They found a little something ... actually a lot of little somethings called amyloids. Sounded kind of like something from outer space to me so I went online and found that it is a rare protein that the body sometimes produces and it can't be broken down so it lodges in an organ and bothers the function of that organ. This is what Dr. Ken Holden (my beloved doctor who comes to lead medical brigades twice a year here) says about it:

"This amyloid protein deposition stuff can occur anywhere in the body, e.g. liver, kidney, heart, brain, etc., etc. and can be a primary disease (genetic, idiopathic, etc.), or a secondary disease ( chronic inflammation, cancers, etc.). Apparently the experts can tell better now by the types of protein they find what is the most likely cause....and this is worthwhile since treating the primary cause (collagen vascular disease or leukemia, for example) is usually more successful than treating a primary amyloid disease cause as best I know. Most affected folks are older (mean age 65 yrs) and once again you are unusual....but we all knew that already!"

We definitely need a miracle. Today at church our pastor spoke on Habakkuk chapter 3 and how Habakkuk asked God to renew His miracles in their day. And as the pastor preached, he even said, "Betsy needs a miracle" and he didn't even know of these results. So I wanted to ask you to join me in praying for a miracle. I know that God can use the medical system to heal me, but we are really praying that He will do something totally supernatural. I am standing against these amyloids in the Name of Jesus and praying that God will restore my liver so that it can do the tasks it was made to do so that I can be restored to do the tasks that God made me to do. This week the whole ministry will be fasting and praying for God to make His perfect will known in all of this.

Thank you a million times over for praying to Our Mighty God who can do above and beyond what we can dream or imagine!

With mucho amor,
Your Betsy

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