Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Dear Beautiful Family and Friends,

Our itinerary for our journey so far is as follows:
June 9-12     Pewaukee, WI (Vicky and Dale Schaechterle)
June 12-14   DePauw University, Greencastle, IN
June 16-22   London, Ontario CANADA (Bob and Ann Dekraker)
June 22-23   Pittsburgh, PA (Fred and Fran Fetterolf)
June 24        Lancaster, OH (Ivan and Jesse Smith)
June 25        Grafton, WI (Marty Hake)
June 26-30  Appleton, WI (Ron and Beth Pagel; Marie and Roger Lackore)
J. 30-July 9  Grafton, WI (Marty Hake)
July 9-12     Chicago area (Gail Mellish, Claudia Nalven)
July 13-15   Indianapolis, IN (Betty Root)
July 15-16   Chicago area

Attached are photos of the crew who will be traveling this summer and several photos of our newest addition, Emma Isabella. I couldn’t resist showing you the cute photos of this precious child. She is a wild one, for sure, but little by little she is adjusting to life with our family. I often forget her past of living on the streets with her Mom until she does something like she did last night, which jolts me back to reality. While she was eating a drumstick, I turned my head away for one second and when I looked back, she had eaten the top part off which included part of the bone! All of our eyebrows rose up at that one! Fortunately she was ok. I think she has definitely done that before!

If you are interested in having us come to share about the ministry and God’s healing miracle, please contact me. The children are preparing some special things to share with you and they are very excited about doing all the gringo things that their Mama has told them about. I learned a great lesson the first time I brought Mari and Noe to the States. I had taken them to Six Flags etc etc and when I asked Noe what his favorite thing about the States was, he calmly replied, “I loved putting the coins in the vending machines and having a coke come flying out at the rest stops!” We will get to do that a lot since we will be doing all the traveling by car.

There are many new things brewing in the ministry. Please pray especially hard for us as we discern God’s voice in this time of expansion!

Warmly and with much love in Christ,

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