Saturday, March 20, 2010

March updates

Towards a Road More Traveled

Many of you have visited us and
experienced first hand the rock n' roll ride that our road to Jericho provides. This adventure, by God's grace, will soon be a thing of the past! After much prayer and fasting (and due to the generosity of those who desired to help make the Villa dwellers lives at least physically less bumpy) we were able to start work on our long awaited road. The very rocks that caused us pain and jolted every joint both in car and body are now being sculpted and placed together to form a smooth vehicle- friendly path. That would preach, wouldn't it? Anyway, we are thrilled and hope that you will be too (especially those of you who will be visiting soon!) We are 1/3 of the way done and are praying for the needed funds to complete the road before the rains become too heavy to continue with construction.


Just when I thought my household was big enough, the Lord saw fit to give me one more child. I spoke to Him about it last night because to me it seems like we already have quite a full house. I remember growing up with that saying, "there's always room for one more" and God seems to totally agree with that. Not exactly being the mother of the year type (notes in the lunch boxes, special scrapbooks, folded laundry on each bed etc...not a happening thing at the Hake house and in our household everyone has to pitch in and be as independent as possible) I began to wonder if my mothering skills were up to yet one more child in need. But God seemed to be saying, "you can provide a covering, a safe harbor, a place of refuge for these little ones in danger." Valerie, or "Valdidi" as Isabella likes to call her (see the two of them in the photo) is Marlyn's niece. Marlyn (my oldest) has lived with me for almost 12 years and she is a huge help with the rest of the children. Marlyn helped to get Valerie into our school. One day Valerie's parents were having an all out fight in the streets over her when our busito (van) went to drop her off from school. The father was drunk and threatening to kill her if her mother didn't hand her over to him (she's only 5 so I cannot imagine what that would be like to try and process....your own father threatening to kill you!) Marlyn wisely did not let Valerie out of the busito and brought her to our home. I was going to say no, I really was. I was sure that 9 children was enough. But one look at Valdidi's eyes and the fear that was still alive in them, and I knew that "not my will but thine be done" was the correct answer. As you can imagine, we have all fallen in love with Valerie. Recently when she was having a weepy night, I asked her, "Valdidi,honey, do you know who loves you more than anything or anybody and who promises never to leave you or abandon you?" Fully expecting that she was going to say "Jesus", she looked up with her big brown eyes and replied, "Mama Betsy? " Oh dear, break my heart answer! "No sweet child," I said, "it's not me. I do love you but only One Person can truly love you like that and make those kinds of promises and His Name is Jesus! " Pray with me for Valdidi and for our household which I think has reached the full mark!

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