Monday, April 26, 2010

One of these guys looks just like the other

Dear Family and Friends,

I just have to write you about this amazing thing God did while the tipos (Ed, Noe and Dany) and I were in the US (or "usah" as people say here). Elvia called us during our trip and asked us to pray for two little ones who desperately needed a home. This is the story of how God touched a family in a particular way to open their hearts to receive these two very needy little children.

Someone called Jericho to ask if we would take the toddlers. The boy was 1 and 1/2 years old and the girl 2 and 1/2. Their mother is barely seventeen so if you do the math you can calculate her age at their births. Not a good age to start having children. This mother's story is another story altogether that I won't go into here, but suffice it to say she was not able to give the care to her children that they needed. Rumor had it that this young mother was on the streets and that her children were being abused. Family members intervened and asked us for help. Elvia responded as she always does. She took it to God in prayer.

She remembered Nora and George from our church. Nora has volunteered at Jericho often since they are in their thirties and childless after several miscarriages. Nora had time on her hands. A lot of it actually. Until now. She was thrilled when the call came from Elvia. Not only one child was available but two. She didn't blink an eye when Elvia told her all the extenuating circumstances. She was ready but she would have to pray and consult George. The problem arose when George did not share her enthusiasm for taking in children whom no one else wanted. George didn't yet possess the faith that consumed Nora.....that no matter what had happened in the lives of these little ones, God's love was bigger. His love could cover a multitude of sins. And truly these little ones had been sinned against.

Elvia is not one to give up easily so she came up with a plan. She invited the family to bring the two children to Jericho for an interview and invited Nora to come too. When the children entered, what they saw took their breath away. The boy resembled George right down to the expression on his face. And the girl.....well she was Nora in miniature. If you see George, which you will in the picture below, you will see that in looks he is not your run of the mill type of guy. What are the odds that this little boy would look like this man? Slim, I think. But God....well, you know how He is. Perfect in all His ways to be exact. Nora called George and told him to get his little patutee (Nora didn't say that of course.....I just like that word) over to Jericho as soon as possible, which he could since he runs his own printing business. Then Nora and Elvia set to work to shave off the little boy's head so that the lice would have no where to cling. When George walked into Jericho, he too was overwhelmed by what he saw. He knew this was God's plan for his and Nora's lives. He had a total eclipse of the heart. So in Jesus, the unwanted become the most desired, the castoffs become the beloveds. So you see why I had to share this with you......

Do pray for little Annie and Jeffrey pictured here with proud parents Nora and George!


  1. What a beautiful story of adoption Betsy! I'm overwhelmed by the fact that Christ has adopted us as children and that through adoption we have the opportunity to experience His love and be part of His love story for a child without a home through the process of adoption. I've wanted to adopt ever since I can remember and I'm so excited for the season in life when God calls me to that!! I will be praying for these two precious little ones. -Ali

  2. Thank you, Ali, for your prayers! All we can do is stand in awe of our Adopting Daddy, no? I will pray that in the fullness of His time that He will give you your heart's desire......a quiver full of adopted treasures.
    With love, Betsy